Our Vision

Our Mission

To create a place for people to experience how living small can contribute to a more fulfilling life

Live Small, Live More

The Hummingbird Inn

What We Strive To Bring To Cave Creek

The Hummingbird Inn Goals

Locally Focused

We feature and support several local businesses at The Hummingbird Inn and strive to provide every guest with a truly unique Arizona experience.  Please follow us on Social Media and if you would like to be part of our vision and are an Arizona based business, shoot us a message and we will discuss how we can work together!


At The Hummingbird Inn, we pride ourselves in making tiny living luxurious and comfortable. Each of our homes are custom built by Arizona’s own Uncharted Tiny Homes™, and are designed with their own unique personality. From traditional lofted tiny homes, to single level suites, there will be a floorplan to match your needs.  Each home will feature a full bathroom with Kohler™ fixtures, fully equipped tiny kitchen, living area with full size couch, plush beds from Tuft and Needle™ fitted with luxurious linens and high-efficiency LED lighting.  

Event Space

The Hummingbird Inn provides an intimate space for weddings, corporate events, family reunions and so much more!  We work with local restaurants or food trucks to provide you an endless array of food and beverage options.  

Please call 480-825-4129 to set up the most memorable event you have ever hosted/attended.

Why Tiny Houses?

From person to person, “Tiny Living” means something different and accomplishes a wide range of goals. We believe that less space and more efficient design encourages us, personally, to live more intentional lives and focus on what is truly important to us. Whether it’s financial freedom, spending more time with loved ones, a shift towards minimalism, or a desire to live a life untethered, we invite you to The Hummingbird to discover the possibilities of what Tiny Living can do for you.